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Chien Than - Heavy Game Online

Date Added: January 18, 2013 04:42:04 PM
Author: wapgame
Category: Games: Social Game
From very ancient times, when man did not appear, the battle between angels and demons have taken place very strongly. The war's landslide climate they make sense and that gender becomes unstable. Angel and demon forces increasingly weak.

One day, angel and devil discovered species, they study and learn a conclusion that man's soul and faith can strengthen them. Angel and devil wants human dominance to increase the force of the beat itself. But when he came to earth they encountered a very difficult problem, which is the power of them will gradually be lost when life on earth.

There is no other way, the angels sent messengers to the healing time, taught and spread the teachings of magic to get the trust and belief of men actually strengthening itself. In contrast to the angels, demons give you strength then re-ignite war to absorb human desire. Since then mankind on earth is divided into two factions: the Alliance, with the belief that angels and Tribe, worship resources, believe in the devil. The fierce fight between the two sides took place in centuries.

One day, the scholars of the two sides came to realize, he's just the pawns caught up in the battle of the angels and demons. Then they gathered scholars created a weapon to help people against the power of the angels and demons that is the World Thach. It only works with the spirits, the existence of angels and demons. But World Thach has a large defect that is to launch long time and can not be cut off in the middle, this defect has caused man suffered major carpet. After World Thach Tribal Union was created and he stood up to declare war with the Angel and Devil. The fight takes place extremely dire, humanity finally have to pay a very expensive price to seal angels and demons can not reach the human world. After the battle the number of human beings on the mainland only a thousand compared to before the war, no one noticed, World Thach strongest weapon of mankind is gone.

Chien Than - player plays one of the five valiant, on the train and explore the mainland, players will have to protect the dignity of the game, defend you and fight the dark forces lie in waitSaudi save the entire human race